Heritage Discovery Tour

Highlights of the tour and options:

  • The desire to meet for the first time your Italian relatives or visit the places where they came from.

This tour is suitable for those who wish to trace their Italian heritage and find their family roots.

Many Italians, between the 19th and 20th Century, emigrated to the USA, Canada, Australia and South America. Most of them departed from southern Italy: Campania, Calabria and Sicily. Today many of these Italian descendants dream of coming to Italy for the first time.

If your dream is to visit the birthplace of your Italian ancestors, then we can arrange a tour with one of our team of dedicated and professional drivers, who will accompany you on this adventure. You will receive the necessary assistance to research your family tree in the town hall, find your ancestors home; church was baptized and cemetery where relatives are buried.

We can arrange a private tour with one of our drivers who will accompany you on this adventure. With their utmost dedication and professionalism, they will translate for you and help you to communicate with your relatives. These are the memories you will treasure in your heart long after you return home.

Heritage Discovery Tour

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