Capri Boat Tour

Highlights of the tour and options:

  • On board, you will be assisted by our friendly skipper who will enlighten you with the most interesting parts as you sail along the coast, drop the anchor and stop for a swim, snorkel or catch some sun!
  • The magnificent isle of Capri cruise.

This tour is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a day at sea and the beautiful island of Capri. It is characterised by the spectacular coast line of the mainland and the sail around the Isle of Capri. This is a full day 8-hour tour.

Departure is from the nearest port and we provide transportation to/from your accommodation.

One of the priorities of our skipper will be to sail you around the whole island of Capri, taking care to show you the natural wonders that characterize the beauty of this fabled island. Suggest a local restaurant to have lunch and if you would like to visit the island coordinate the time with you before the return departure.

If you wish, our skipper will help you during your visit to the famous Blue Grotto by calling the rowing boat that will pick you up directly from your boat. This cost is not included in the tour. It’s good to remember that the visit to the Blue Grotto, in addition to being optional and not included in the tour, depends on so many variants: the tide, sea conditions and the crowds of people due to the many boats waiting. That’s why your skipper will be able to evaluate with you, a chance to visit this famous cave, only once you arrive on site.

On board the boat are offered sandwiches, drinks, beach towels, snorkelling gear and if you enjoy some delicious limoncello.

Capri Boat Tour

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