Best of Rome site seeing tour

Highlights of the tour and options:

  • Private Rome city site seeing with our expert driver. Rome is so unique that your driver will coordinate with you scheduled stops.
  • Wonderful complete experience for first time visitors to the city.
  • Time to make your own discoveries!

This tour is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a fun overview of the city not only the classic sites but also those less known and hidden to most people. Ideal for those of you who do not want to visit the Vatican Museum.

The tour is characterized by the infinite number of monuments, sites and historical buildings, seen as you drive through the city, the whole of Rome is like an open-air Museum.

During your private tour, our driver will assist you with utmost courtesy and availability, ensuring your comfort and management of all the planned activities. He will be able to suggest the famous landmarks that you can visit, as well as suggest the best restaurants for your preferences and budget.

Your driver will illustrate the many piazzas and fountains and historical buildings of Rome: Circus Maximus the great arena that housed ancient Roman sports and chariot races, the legendary Coliseum arena where battles of gladiators and animals were held. Venice square and the Victor Emanuele Monument, more commonly known as the ‘wedding cake’ and Capitol Hill were the President of the Republic resides. Spanish square and steps, the famous Via Condotti with designer boutiques. The oval shaped Navona square famous for its beautiful fountains and the Pantheon with its millennial history is the building with the largest dome ever built. The Trevi fountain that is the most important symbol of Roman Baroque.

Discover the hidden parts which are not normally mentioned and yet offer spectacular overviews of the city like the Gianicolo Hill, overlooking the eastern neighbouring districts and the old city with major architectural monuments, or the Basilica of St Peter in Chains, known for housing the tomb of Julius II and the famous “Moses” by Michelangelo Buonarroti. The piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, located on the top of Aventine Hill, where the Sovereign military order of Malta villa beautifully adorned with military trophies and coat of arms of the order. The famous via Appia, considered by Romans, the ‘Queen of Roads’, universally considered one of the greatest feats of engineering in the ancient world.

Best of Rome site seeing tour

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